Dr Steven Bradshaw’s Publications

Dr Steven Bradshaw has had many scientific papers published by international journals.

Here are some of the peer-reviewed publications and commissioned editorials that Dr Steven Bradshaw has authored:


Bringing regenerative medicines to the clinic: the future for regulation and reimbursement (Bubela T, McCabe C, Bradshaw S, et al.)

What lifecycle management lessons can we learn from PD-1 immuno-oncology therapies? (Carr DR, Anastasaki E, Chriv E, Bradshaw SE)

Price fluctuations across lifecycle: insights from the anti-VEGF market (Chriv E, Carr DR, Anastasaki E, Bradshaw SE)

Hidden efficiencies: making completion of the pediatric vaccine schedule more efficient for physicians (Ciarametaro M, Bradshaw SE, Guiglotto J, Hahn B, Meier G)


Management of occupational dermatitis in healthcare workers: a systematic review (Smedley J, Williams S, Peel P, Pedersen K; Dermatitis Guideline Development Group*.2012)
*Dr Bradshaw was part of the Dermatitis Guideline Development Group


Polycystic kidney disease: Renal transplantation in patients with ADPKD—the good, the bad and ugly (Bradshaw. SE, 2011)

Lupus nephritis: Sustained proteinuria and dyslipidemia are risk factors for progressive CKD in patients with lupus nephritis. (Bradshaw. SE, 2011)

Transplantation: Post-transplant antibody levels predict risk of graft rejection. (Bradshaw. SE, 2011)

Transplantation: 5-year benefits of rituximab for ABO-mismatched renal grafts. (Bradshaw. SE, 2011)

Electron microscopy illuminates the pathology of Fabry nephropathy. (Bradshaw. SE, 2011)

High hemoglobin levels–a hemodialysis risk factor? (Bradshaw. SE, 2011)

Risk factors: Patients infected with Escherichia coli O157:H7 face long-term health risks. (Bradshaw. SE, 2011)

Dialysis: High-frequency dialysis offers clear benefits—but at what cost? (Bradshaw. SE, 2011)

Dialysis: Dialysis options—elderly patients should be given an informed choice (Bradshaw. SE, 2011)

Stones: An apple a day might keep the urologist away (Bradshaw. SE, 2011)

Transplantation: HIV infection is no barrier to kidney transplantation. (Bradshaw. SE, 2010)


Cataracts in Airline Pilots: Prevalence and Aeromedical Considerations in Japan (Kagami, Shino; Bradshaw, Steven E.; Fukumoto, Masakatsu; Tsukui, Ippei, 2009)

From sickness to fitness: modernising medical certification (Bradshaw. SE, 2009)

Life’s work: occupational health — the wealth of the nation (Bradshaw. SE, 2009)


Ocular trauma caused by a loose slip-lock cannula during corneal hydration. (Bradshaw SE, Shankar P, Maini R, Ragheb S., 2006)

Topical steroid and antibiotic combination therapy in red eye conditions (Steven E Bradshaw, Pallavi Shankar, and Raj Maini, 2007)


Magic feather can aid pediatric venipuncture (Bradshaw. SE, 2004)


Endocarditis due to Staphylococcus aureus after minor dog bite. (Bradshaw. SE, 2003)


More than just paracetamol (Bradshaw. SE, 2002)

Remember B-ABC for opiate overdoses (Bradshaw. SE, 2002)


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