Dr Steven Bradshaw’s Journal Acknowledgments

Dr Steven Bradshaw has been acknowledged as an expert advisor on journal publications by many scientists around the world.

Here is a selection of international publications that acknowledge the work of Dr Steven Bradshaw.


Global Journal of Management and Business Research (2014)

A Focus on Throughput: Lean Improvement of Nurse Scheduling in the Operating Theatre (Kjeld Harald Aij, Frederique Elisabeth Simons, Merel Visse & Guy A.M. Widdershoven, 2014)

Lean Process Mapping Techniques: Improving the Care Process for Patients with Oesophageal Cancer (Kjeld H Aij, Guy Widdershoven & Merel Visse, 2014)

The influence of parenteral glutamine supplementation on glucose homeostasis in critically ill polytrauma patients—A randomized-controlled clinical study (Ioana Marina Grintescu, Irina Luca Vasiliu, Ioana Cucereanu Badica, Liliana Mirea, Daniela Pavelescu, Andreea Balanescu, Ioana Cristina Grintescu, 2014)

Agreement between Orbscan II, VuMAX UBM and Artemis-2 very-high frequency ultrasound scanner for measurement of anterior chamber depth (Haya Matuoq Al Farhan, 2014)


A randomized trial of JTT-751 versus sevelamer hydrochloride in patients on hemodialysis (2013)

Assessment of central corneal thickness and corneal endothelial morphology using ultrasound
pachymetry, non-contact specular microscopy, and Confoscan 4 confocal microscopy (Haya Matuoq Al Farhan, Wafa’a Majed Al Otaibi, Hanouf Mohammed Al Razqan and Alanoud Abdullah Al Harqan, 2013)


Effect of Oral JTT-751 (Ferric Citrate) on Hyperphosphatemia in Hemodialysis Patients: Results of a Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial (Yokoyama K. · Hirakata H. · Akiba T. · Sawada K. · Kumagai Y. , 2012)

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