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Experts Warn: Teenage Cancer Patients Missing out on Clinical Trials

Experts have warned that teenage cancer patients are missing out on the chance to take part in clinical trials, which Steven Bradshaw believes could have an impact on the wider industry going forward.

Steven Bradshaw: Pharmaceuticals Expert

Dr Steven Bradshaw is a medical expert to the pharmaceuticals and research industry. In this role, Bradshaw acts in an advisory capacity to some of the world’s most notable pharmaceuticals chains. Continue reading

Flu Researchers Criticise Tamiflu Report – Part 2

Dr Steven Bradshaw continues his look at the Tamiflu report…

Continuing from Part one where we looked at The Cochrane Report, Criticism from the Flu Research Community and Public and Governmental Perceptions of Tamiflu, here we look at reactions from the research community and the response from BMJ-Cochrane. Continue reading